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    Hooters Interlaken Energy Drink

    Try the Trojka energy drink with Hooters Interlaken - Design!


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    Summer menu

    From Monday 27 June 2012, we serve the summer menu at Hooters Interlaken.


    Hooters 2012 Calendar

    Very hot!


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    Great Concept !!! The best meetingpoint of all before [...]
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    I Love Chicken Quesadillas! ;)

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    Hooters Interlaken
    Höheweg 57
    3800 Interlaken

    033 822 65 12

    Judging by the first part of the Hooters motto “delightfully tacky, yet unrefined” the world of Hooters may seem somewhat superficial. Not surprisingly this is a part of the Hooters concept. However, this just one part of it. But whoever is willing to take the time to look at the Hooters phenomenon and its underlying values will realize that there is far more behind it: In brief, Hooters is based on and focuses on the human being and its values and emotions, which make living together in a multicultural society comfortable such as communication, open-mindedness, tolerance, respect, freedom of thoughts, overcoming of unnecessary formalisms equality, acceptance. These are all values that will do good to any society. That is what Hooters stands in for (see About Us for more information). 

    If Hooters has chosen to use seemingly exaggerated and superficial means in order to spread this message, the reason for it is mainly that Hooters wants to initiate people’s thinking process in a pleasant and effective manner, addressing feelings and emotions by bringing together superficiality, which reaches everybody’s attention, and the aforementioned values. This is why Hooters thinks, it is “yet unrefined”.

    Therefore, you will find all sorts of information about the Hooters philosophy on this website. Furthermore, of course, we want to present to you and keep you updated on our activities and offerings.  However, nothing beats a visit to Hooters. Come on, take a dive into the world of Hooters……